Fluidd print history doesn't count "print duration" or "used filament" when using T1

I have a dual-extrusion printer (Replicator 2X). I pretty much only use only one tool in a print.

On the print history page, all prints have a correct “total duration”.
Prints using T0 have correct print duration and used filament.
But prints that use T1 have 0m 0s for print duration, and 0.0mm (or sometimes nonsense negative numbers) for used filament.

Here’s a screenshot and my klippy.log. Any ideas?

klippy.zip (1.2 MB)

Seems that sometimes the print duration does show correctly with T1 (1 and 3), but the used filament is still nonsense. I definitely didn’t use only 3mm of filament for a half-hour print (1), or 150mm for a 4.5-hour print (3). Print 2 was also with T1 but there’s again just nothing for print duration and used filament.

Given the lack of replies, is there a different place I should go to get help with this issue?

You may try here:

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