Tool Changer power requirements

So i am thinking of building a tool changer. Say it has 5 tools and each tool needs max 100W to power the heater. Each tool would have a can bus toolhead ( i guess unless better ideas )

So i assume that:

Klipper sends simple commands to the tools, such as set hotend to 230 C and the pwm on the board handles the pid for that tool.

Now we need to keep the tools somewhat warm so when they are called to print, they can heat up quickly.

So i assume that there is no provision to ensure that at any given moment, not all tools are drawing power. If that is the case, i would think I would need 500 W supply to protect in that case.

So my question: Am i correct that i need a 500 W supply and is there a way to mitigate that either through klipper doing a “round robin” telling each tool when it can be “on” or some other method?

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