Animated screensaver support

Any interest?

It’s simple - added a single line of python code to add a time variable accessible to the display templates (so we can use modulo for frame number etc., as per the spinning fan examples). I didn’t want to spend any time on the design, hence the simple example, but I don’t see any reason you couldn’t display anything from a (black and white) gif of the right size.

FWIW I don’t think klipper should generally offer this as a feature - but if adding a ticker variable allows people to make their own screensaver macros, no harm done?


Interesting. FWIW, there is a time variable currently available (via printer.toolhead.estimated_print_time). Take a look at how klippy/extras/display/display.cfg implements animations via the existing time variable.


Thanks Kevin - that’s how I do my other ones, but I thought I checked and it wasn’t useful while not printing (as the name implies). Turns out it I was wrong, woops. That means no dev is needed, so I’ll see if I can move this to the macros topic - though unless there’s a heap of interest (and someone provides a cool animated klipper logo) maybe best to leave it.

Side note - I realised I could go beyond a screensaver and a add a basic lock screen (which you unlock with menu inputs like a digital combination lock) by just abusing some templates and gcode variables etc. Again, fun, but maybe not worth it.

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Really interesting work