Automating Nozzle Height Offset in Dual Extruder Printing

Hello, I have assembled a printer with dual extruders where the hotends are mounted as a single group on the X-axis. Both extruders have a lifting carriage and a sensor to detect upward movement. Currently, I use this setup for bed leveling with only the right nozzle.

However, I would like to implement a system to detect the height difference between the two nozzles before starting a dual filament print. I am not sure how to proceed, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to achieve this through a macro. Do you have any advice or suggestions on how I could address this situation?

Thank you very much.

It seems possible.
Build a macro which will activate first extruder then do a probe,
Then query “last_z_result” from Probe and store to variable_1.
Then switch to second extruder and do probe again.
Then query “last_z_result” from Probe and store to variable_2.
Calculate difference.

To do this kind of actions you will need G-Code templates: Commands templates - Klipper documentation

Reference to Probe object is here Status reference - Klipper documentation

P.S. Assumption is that you have single probe for both extruders.

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