BTT Octopus - ADXL345 on MCU's SPI3 bus


I Have btt octopus, can i run the adxl345 direkt on the spi3 of the octopus? Or is it only via rpi useable?

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It Works fine :slight_smile:

cs_pin: PA15
spi_bus: spi3

accel_chip: adxl345
    150,150,200  # an example
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Edited the title and moved to Config category for later reference

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Many thanks, this idea is very useful for me! In my printer I have a non-standard rpi4 board and SPI is not easily accessible, but I use Octopus and I have a lot of I/O free :slight_smile:

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Hi, I tested in these days ADXL345 on SPI1 port of Octopus but sometimes “ACCELEROMETER_QUERY” fails and sometimes it reports right data:

ADXL345 is 5V powered and now I changed cable with a shorter model but the problem remains…

some suggestions?

Can someone highlight PA15 and Spi3 on the board? I can’t find either anywhere.

See BIGTREETECH-OCTOPUS-V1.0/BIGTREETECH Octopus - PIN.pdf at master · bigtreetech/BIGTREETECH-OCTOPUS-V1.0 · GitHub → J74

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Very easy to find on the PIN document published by BTT.

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