Unknown PTC 100K High temp ( i think) need help :-)

Basic Information:

Printer Model: CoreXY
MCU / Printerboard: RUMBA32 AUS3D

i’m in trouble with a thermistor …
I think it is a NTC 10K High temp but nothing is wrote on it, it is in a trianglelab v6 clone.
THe problem is that klipper won’t start because ADC goes out of range
i tried all the preset and now klipper starts with a 100 ohm pullup setting but obviously the temperature that it read are wrong.

SO now i would like to create a new thermistor but i’m not sure about process.
i just made one profile using a standard pullup 4700 for my other ntc, in this case i must use a 100 ohm pullup … is it a good solution or could create some issue?
Any suggestions/alternatives?

Thank you

klippy (44).log (662.1 KB)

Probalby it is a ATC Semitec 104GT-2
My board have a 4.7 k pullup but adc goes out of range in i set pullup correctly :expressionless:
Tpe NTC is brand new so i suppose it will work.

There is a high chance that your NTC is simply broken (or the wiring has defects).
The pull-up setting depends on the hardware and is in no way suited to tune your readings.

If I read the schematic correctly, then this board has a 4K7 pull-up, so this is the only correct value.

Use Generic 3950 sensor type (no need to specify a pull-up, 4K7 is default). IF it is really a 100K NTC AND IF it is correctly wired to the correct port AND IF you have the correct pin (PC4 is THERMO0) THEN you should have approximately valid readings.

In any other case, you are having a different issue that surely cannot be remedied by defining a custom temperature curve or pull-up

I also think that it is broken because i tried all kind kind of sensors and nothing worked.
i also set pullup to 4700 as on my pcb.
I will buy another ntc.

Thank you for your time.

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