0.12 update - MCU Protocol error message bugged

So I’m going through the pain of updating 0.11 to 0.12, and the error message shows all my MCUs as being not compatible, when I just finished updating one.

MCU Protocol error

This is frequently caused by running an older version of the
firmware on the MCU(s). Fix by recompiling and flashing the

Your Klipper version is: v0.12.0-132-ge37b007f-dirty
MCU(s) which should be updated:
mcu: Current version v0.12.0-132-ge37b007f
et0: Current version v0.11.0-159-gfec7ddd8
et1: Current version v0.11.0-278-g7617bc53
et2: Current version v0.11.0-276-g22f50510
et3: Current version v0.11.0-278-g7617bc53
et4: Current version v0.11.0-295-g83ef0e13-dirty-20231019_204733-lielais
Up-to-date MCU(s):

Once the underlying issue is corrected, use the "RESTART"
command to reload the config and restart the host software.

mcu 'et0': Command format mismatch: query_adxl345 oid=%c rest_ticks=%u vs query_adxl345 oid=%c clock=%u rest_ticks=%u

And the dirty bit is toolchange extensions, pretty sure not related to this.

Edit: The answer here is - et0 needs to be updated, and the rest are compatible.
No way to tell from the error message however.