Active resonance dampening

Hey, I know this is probably been asked before, and I’m definitely the person to come up with the solution, but I’m wondering if anyone has experimented with active dampening to reduce resonance via a piezoelectric transducer? As the resonance will change throughout the status of a print, it would make sense to have an accelerometer, or vibration sensor in both the X and Y orientation and then we can use the general compute in klipper to feed an anti wave to the transducer to reduce vibration/ghosting/ringing… I was thinking it’s like the resonance calibration, but in realtime and variable. I think the sampling rate of the sensor, the speed of transducer to create an anti-resonance, and the compute time needed to make said calculations would be key… Back in the day, I know that a similar setup was used to dampen tennis rackets vibrations.

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