Bed mesh doesn't work

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender 3 personalized
MCU / Printerboard: Octopus 1.1v

Hi everyone, klipper doesn’t use my bed mesh

klippy.log (305.4 KB)

Are you actually loading the mesh in the start gcode of the printer or slicer?
Since you never start an actual print in your klippy.log, that info is missing.

Yes, I use “BED_MESH_PROFILE LOAD=default”

How do you come to the impression that the bed mesh is not working?

  • You may watch your z-steppers and usually one can see the small compensation movement
  • Your mesh is quite small but with deviations totaling up to nearly 2mm from the lowest to the highest point
  • The Ender 3s are notorious for twisted x-axes, so maybe checkout Axis Twist Compensation - Klipper documentation

when I move in X or in Y, klipper doesn’t adjust the Z

[bed_mesh default]
version = 1
points = 
	0.680000, -0.175000, -1.130000
	0.295000, 0.125000, -0.480000
	0.000000, 0.280000, 0.280000

Your Z axis is moving less than half a mm in most places, I severely doubt you’re going to notice that kind of movement when the x/y axis is moving too.

To put it into perspective… Those .295 and .280 movements are about the width of a paper towel. It’s EXTREMELY subtle movements.

ok, but when I print, one part comes out thinner and the other thicker, it depends on the position of x and y.
so the bed mesh doesn’t do its job and in any case I set it with the bltouch

How much thinner or thicker are we talking?

Your bed is also skewed quite a bit, Is the Ender 3 bed adjustable? Bed mesh leveling is mainly made for small variations, you have an over 1mm skew from one corner to the other. That’s very large.

I’d try to fix that first.