Bed mesh outside of the probed area

Considering the bed is unlikely to be probed on its entire surface for most of the printers, I was wondering how is the unprobed area supposed to look like?

In the case of 2 of my printers it’s about 50mm all around the bed

I am curios about this and it may belp me troubleshoot the artefacts I have every now and then.

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Hello @Hannibal_King !

No one knows.
As long as the probe can not reach that area due to mechanical limitations, it is unknown land.
But it may be quite similar to areas just besides them.

Hm, that’s more or less common sense, but it’s not quite the answer I was hoping for…

It’s an unknown land because it isn’t probed, but since it still an accessible area, there must be some information used for navigating the nozzle around there.

Someone around here must have more than deductions :smiley:

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Adjustment is clamped to the nearest point at the edge of the mesh.


Meaning the missing mesh is sort of extended out of the existing mesh, towards the end of the printable area? What about the corners?

As mentioned by @Arksine. For “unprobed” areas the nearest point of the mesh is considered.

If you want to improve this, you can use paper-test method to do it manually and add to your probed mesh