BIGTREETECH is the official mainboard sponsor of Klipper

I’m excited to announce that BIGTREETECH is now the official mainboard sponsor of Klipper! Just as Klipper has transformed 3d printer software, BIGTREETECH has helped transform 3d printer electronics. With boards including the original BIGTREETECH SKR, the eight stepper Octopus, the tiny SKR Pico, and the recent line of EBB toolhead boards, BIGTREETECH has demonstrated that it is at the forefront of 3d printer hardware. I am thrilled that BIGTREETECH is now an official sponsor of Klipper!

-Kevin O’Connor


Great news indeed. :+1:
Looking forward to a mutual benefit of both the Klipper and BIGTREETECH ecosystem.


BIGTREETECH is offering a Klipper themed hardware giveaway. Check it out at