Calibration with the cube test

Let’s see if I understand correctly, if with Klipper it is not possible to do the calibration with the cube test, then I wonder, if the dimensions of the printed objects are not dimensionally correct, what should I do?

I’m not sure what you are referring to.

Dimensional accuracy is mainly influenced by:

  • The mechanical properties of your printer, e.g. pulley, belt, bearings etc
    • Note that this can and probably will vary accross your axis lengths, i.e. you will have slightly different values at different locations of your bed
  • The extrusion rate / flow settings / Extruder calibration
    • Too high will cause too small inner dimension (e.g. a hole) and too big outer dimension
    • Too low will cause too big inner dimension and too small out dimension

Also refer to: Rotation distance - Klipper documentation

Well I kinda understand this topic I mean … i’m new to klipper and done all the calibration in the guide but my print looks beatiful but the 20x20 cube is:
z = 20
x = 20
y = 19.85
I would fix this in marlin ie with a M92 y… and set the new step but here ? should I touch t y rotation distance ?

Of course you can do so. Just as remarks:

Due to mechanical tolerances, your rotation distance is most likely not constant. This means that placing the cube not in the middle but into the upper left corner of the bed will likely yield different results. And again different results for the lower right corner etc.

I would not consider a 20x20 cube as representative test object for the dimensional accuracy of your printer.

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Hi i dig up this topic cause i’m New in the klipper World and i’m interested in upgrade print acuracy.

You Say “The mechanical properties of your printer, e.g. pulley, belt, bearings etc” what Can be calibrate ?

Belt tension ? Did you get a tips for a good tension ?
Other things.

The calibration cube is not the perfect object but it reflect the precision of the printer no ?

I print a x=20 y=20.08 and z=20.5 is it good enought ? Can i ajust calibration for z axis ?

I have a sv06 plus on klipper and my print look very well but when i print mechanical piece like nuts and bolts and they are hard to set up so this IS why i try to upgrade print acuracy.
I print on a sidewinder X2 with marlin and After step/mm calibration i get a 20/20/20.1 cube

Hello @Ren0oren !

There is much room for optimization.

Too much Z can be over extrusion.

You may have a look here:

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You might want to read through Dimensional accuracy problem and Correct dimensional accuracy for quite in depth discussions on this topic.