Can't control two or more of the same printer

Basic Information:

Printer Model: FLSUN QQ-S Pro
MCU / Printerboard:Robin Mini
Klippy (91.9 KB)

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Describe your issue:

…I am new to klipper but have been in hardware and software since 1975…

I have been trying to connect two 3d printers (both flsun QQ-S Pro) to 1) Rasberry pi and 2) the FLSUN Speeder pad. Either one has the very same problem - I can’t connect and control two of the same printers - Only the first one on port 7125 is acknowledged while the other is DISCONNECTED and remains that way.

I plug both printers, go to settings, add 1st printer to port 7125 - It works and shows it on standby.
Add the second printer to 7126 - It stays disconnected.
I unplug and remove the first printer from the list (the second is on port 7126, restart the firmware but it remains disconnected. I change it’s port to 7125 and it works.
Regardless of which printer is connected, the first printer seen on the USB ports are found (regardless which USB port it is) and the others are not connected.

On the speeder pad with it’s own display - I can switch between two printers but, the printer on the second USB shows the dashboard but, when I try to HOME the printer, Klipper disconnects.

Maybe there’s a way I can SSH into the system and modify or add a config file in order for Klipper to find and use both printers.

I don’t know anyone with two of the same printers that can try this.

I will also install linux on my desktop and see if the results are the same. I am about to probe the various files using SSH to see if I can locate a problem and hopefully resolve this. If someone has a work around, it would be appreciated.

I have included both the log files for the Rasberry Pi as well as the one for the FLSUN Speederpad.


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Having multiple instances of klipper is NOT the problem. The problem is when I have (2) of the very same printer: Printer #1 - FLSUN QQ-S PRO, Printer #2 - FLSUN QQ-S PRO
Both printers show up - One on USB port 1, the other on USB port 2. I can select the second QQ-S Pro printer BUT - When I give it a command such as: HOME then klipper disconnects. THAT’s the problem.

I’m not sure that I understand your issue.

Just to make it clear:

  • To be able to operate two printers on the same host device, you need to have two instances of Klipper properly configured with all its communication paths:
    • printer.cfg
    • klippy.serial
    • klippy.log
    • klippy.sock
  • Both installations need to have an unique serial in [mcu]serial

I figured that I would need separate files such as Printer.cfg - I assume that all I would need is to make exact copies into their own directories? Like “klipper-1” or would they go into another directory. I tried to figure out what directories are for what function but they are difficult to find. I know there’s moonraker-1 and -2 etc. Where would these files be located? I also know about the different [mcu] specification so that wouldn’t be a problem.
Thanks for your quick responses.

Ah, OK…If you have no clue and require assistance, it may be wise to refrain from coming across too overconfident in the future.

Probably the easiest approach is:

  • Backup your printer.cfg and potentially other data
  • Take a fresh SD card and install your preferred Linux
  • Get KIAUH
  • In the initial installation, choose the number of instances you want for both Klipper and Moonraker

Everything else requires a deeper understanding of Linux and Klipper.

Thank you for your responses. At least they lead me to the correct solution. I finally got both printers to work on the rasberry pi.
Thanks again.