Conditional operations based on probe status [help]

I’m using a magnetic probe that is docked/stowed away during print and mounted on the nozzle during homing/probing sequences.

Is there a way to query the probe status when issuing a bed_screw_adjust and screw_tilt_calculate and then use it as a condition to pick up the magnetic clicky probe, or to stow it away?

  1. for bed_screw_adjust the probe needs to be stowed away
  2. for screw_tilt_calculate the probe needs to be mounted

If it’s possible, then how do I incorporate this into the [bed_screws] and [screws_tilt_adjust] configurations?

See GitHub - jlas1/Klicky-Probe: Microswitch probe with magnetic attachement, primarily aimed at CoreXY 3d printers

Thanks. I got lost very quickly there… seems too complicated for my level.

Follow the ReadMe information here: Klicky-Probe/Klipper_macros at main · jlas1/Klicky-Probe · GitHub
It won’t get any easier than this.