Each layer will becoming more and more skewed

hello everybody

I have a 3Zcorexy. I changed my bigtreetech Skr1.3 contorller board to Octopus ,my Printer_Config refer to BIGTREETECH-OCTOPUS-V1.0/BTT_OctoPus_Voron2_Config.cfg at master · bigtreetech/BIGTREETECH-OCTOPUS-V1.0 · GitHub, but the new board each layer will becoming more and more skewed (corexy’s Ymotor will walk more by itself each layer. There is no such problem in skr1.3). I have checked the belt screw. And i change XYSTEPPER mircosteps 64 to16, Ymotor getting skewed seriously.


If all your other configuration settings are the same between the two boards, the first place to look is the drivers - are you using same drivers on the two boards?

The other thing to confirm is the driver sense resistor values as those have direct impact on the drive current.

Thanks for your suggestion.I am using the same drivers and driver setting.But Driver_Current has been set to “auto”.Maybe,there are different influences between the two control board.I will try to solve it,follow to your advice. :blush:
Thank you.

No problem, it was really just a shot in the dark. What do you mean by Driver_Current has been set to “auto”? There is no auto setting for stepper current, you have to choose the value based on your stepper motor ratings and printer requirements…

@cheung please post your klipper log file.

:disappointed_relieved: Some driver uart setting like tmc2209/2208, :disappointed_relieved:but this driver :disappointed_relieved:

,SW6 for “Current auto tuning ” on datasheet .

Unfortunately external driver modules are beyond the scope of my experience with 3D printers. Especially if you use them in closed-loop mode. Perhaps someone else can help.

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sorry,i am rebuilding the machine,log is missing. I wil finish it as soon as possible. :cold_sweat:

klippy.zip (660.6 KB)
Hello, I’ve checked all the electronic wiring. But the problem still exists in the last printing.

Hello,bro I have solved my problem.But,maybe OCTOPUS(STM32F446) is not suitable for corexy+3z .I add skr1.3(lpc176) for my machine ,the same setting,it works well like before :joy: .THANK U for your kindly advice.