Ender 5 Plus, MS DD, SKR 2 with 2209's, Dual Z


Here is my working config
Printer is an Ender 5 Plus with Micro Swiss Direct Drive and Hotend, BTT Skr 2 rev b, Hero Me Gen 5 fan assembly, Dual Z for ztilt.

Hope this helps a few people

Took a bit of working out on some of these, found config in repo to not work as expectedprinter E5Plus.cfg (4.5 KB)

Looking for information as a new Klipper user, for setting up the SKR 2, I ran across this post. I’m curious how your configuration worked out. I’m wondering if you made some additional changes that are not included in the configuration posted here.

I assume with this configuration and maybe the SKR 2 in general, you can only use dual extruders or dual z steppers but not both unless a stepper is shared between the dual z steppers… I make that assumption based on your configuration and the fact that the SKR 2 only has 6 steppers.