E1 config settings for Creality 2.2.1 Silent Board to make it 2nd Z stepper?

Hi all, I have a Sovol SV-01 with a Creality 2.2.1 Silent Board (see attached pic of the board). I used the E1 connector to control the 2nd Z motor; worked great under Marlin v2. Now trying to switch to Klipper. Not sure what values to put in the printer.cfg file…

step_pin: # Z(0) is PL3
dir_pin: # Z(0) is !PL1
enable_pin: # Z(0) is !PK0
microsteps: 16
rotation_distance: 8
# endstop_pin: ^PD3 # using a BLTouch...
# position_endstop: 0 # using a BLTouch...
position_max: 300

Thank you for your help!

Without and guarantees, try following for the E1 port:

step_pin: PC1
dir_pin: PC3
enable_pin: PC7

Hello, can I ask you how did you configure Marlin to get E1 driver work like Z2? I just bought V2.2 board and I wanna set it the same. Thank you for answer :slight_smile: