Error in

With the shown CL, throws the following errors:

./klipper/scripts/ ./printer_data/logs/klippy.log -o loadgraph_mcu.png -m MCU
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/pi/./klipper/scripts/", line 337, in <module>
  File "/home/pi/./klipper/scripts/", line 327, in main
    fig = plot_mcu(data, MAXBANDWIDTH)
  File "/home/pi/./klipper/scripts/", line 91, in plot_mcu
    lastbw = float(data[0]['bytes_write']) + float(data[0]['bytes_retransmit'])
KeyError: 'bytes_write'

klippy.log is here.

Hello @ArkansasPrinter !

Maybe a bit more background information?

And: You can upload the klippy.log here in the forum.

Can you imagine how many file sharing accounts supporters must have for all the file sharing services there are outside?

I tried to upload the log, but it was too large. I was afraid that just sending the last few MBbs would have missed some important information. Would it be helpful to send the last 2/3s of the file? If not, how would you like me to send the file?

Just zip the log and attach it again.
Its just text that can be compressed quite well.

What exactly did you do to cause this error?

Of course! Sometimes a little brain fog blocks the obvious! Here (460.3 KB)
it is