Error running make command for LPC1769 chipset

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Custom Delta Printer
MCU / Printerboard: Azteeg x5 Mini v1.1
Host / SBC: iMac (unknown year)
klippy.log (16.6 KB)

Hey all, I was trying to build firmware for an Azteeg x5 Mini v1.1 with a LPC1769 chipset and ran into an error that I’m not sure cow to fix. The error messages are here in this Pastebin. If anyone has any ideas what might be going on I would greatly appreciate some input!

Works fine for me.


then run

make clean

Since you’re running on an iMac and not a Pi, I’d make sure you don’t have any conflicting GCC installations that might be throwing off the build process. (21.0 KB)

Attached is the successful build that I ran just now, if you want to try that. It’s exactly the settings in the screenshot above.