Install on MKS SBase 1.3

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Home made Core-XY machine
MCU / Printerboard: MKS SBase 1.3

Hello, newby here (new to Klipper, I’ve run Marlin and Marlin 2.x for the last 7 years). I was recommended to switch to Klipper and started tonight. I use this video as the guide: Klipper Firmware - Install - 2022 - Chris's Basement - YouTube. It all went smoothly until I did the ‘make menuconfig’. That window opened, but I don’t know all the settings. I have an MKS SBase 1.3. I know it has a 100 MHz LPC1768, but the other details I don’t know. When I just put in what I know and leave out the rest, running the ‘make’ command to make the bin file gives me an Error 127. Please advise or point me in the right direction for the answers. Cheers, Hugo

See Klipper on Makerbase SBASE 1.3 - #2 by Sineos and follow Installation - Klipper documentation closely.