Feature Request! UART to Can bridge mode for STMGOB1 boards

Is it possible for the Klipper Devs to add a UART to Can Bridge config for STMGOB1 boards? I used to use UART between my PI and SKRminie3v3 until I added an EBB42 canbus toolhead to my printer. As my Pi is a Zero2W I was hoping to leave the USB port available for another use, but now I am using it in USB to Can bridge with my SKR. Are the Klipper gods interested or able to implement another Can bridge mode?

I don’t believe the MCU supports this, and even if it did the UART interface is too slow.

Interesting. I was under the impression that UART is faster than USB. I guess I’ll have to grab a USB hat or CAN hat for my pi.

Don’t get a CAN hat. They’re no longer recommended as too many people have had problems getting them to work reliably.

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Good to know! Thanks!

Standard CAN hats, yes, but FDCAN hats work with no issues. These can operate at CAN 2.0 and FDCAN; when and if Klipper supports FDCAN, it would be just a change in settings for your RPi and CAN device’s firmware. Well probably not FDCAN due to licensing cost.

Probably will not happen, since FDCAN is protected by Bosch patents