Fine-tuning a start project with an Anycubic Chiron to convert it to CoreXZ, any help, recommendations, or thoughts?

Basic Information:

Printer Model: anycubic chiron
MCU / Printerboard:skr 1.4
Host / SBC

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Describe your issue:

Hello, im new in the forum and with klipper but I’ve been tinkering with several printers
and making simple modifications for the past 8 years, and been using Marlin for the past 4 years
on various projects with more mods.
I am thinking in modify an old Anycubic Chiron into a semi-Voron Switchwire or, “Chironwire”
or something similar to a CoreXZ, to eliminate the threaded rods from the Z-axis,
which are causing some Z-wobble and improve print quality.

Right now, it has linear guides, two on the Y-axis and one on the X-axis, a full metal Bondtech clone extruder, an aluminum bed support with the original bed and heater,
and a reinforced frame. The rest is still original.

From other projects, I have:
1- BTT SKR v1.4 with an LPC1768 processor
5- TMC 2209 V2.0
1- BTT 3.5 TFT v3.0 screen

  • a few meters of GT2 belt and various toothed and smooth pulleys
  • several standard and pancake NEMA motors
  • and Noctua and Sunon fans of various sizes.

I would like to know if that SKR 1.4 along with the TMC2209 v2.0,
a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 and a ADXL345 with Mainsail would be able to run Klipper decent.

Or if another type of configuration would be more suitable for this project…

The project is to convert it to direct drive extrusion and add to that setup a BLTouch type auto-level along with an extruder that has a good balance of quality and affordability
(although I still need to research which models are budget-friendly and offer decent quality).
I’m particularly interested in an extruder that make it compatible with Revo,
due to its ease of replacement and jam-solving capabilities.
The rest of the components would remain as I currently have them.

Do you know where I can find information apart from the “Chironwire” project?
or any other information that could be useful to me?
I’ve been looking at the forum threads, but I don’t see anyone using that type of configuration…

Or if it would be advisable to use other configuration or other mods like
two belts on the Y-axis, other extruder, other system printing…
or something similar that might be escaping me?

Thank you very much and greetings,
congratulations for the community, it has helped me a lot to inform,
sorry for the brick.

I have many creality printers and can only speak to my experience. I think you should look at the wobblex, btt eddy, E3D Revo Voron or an orbiter 3.0, and pi 4. A pi2 will work but cooling will be an issue, I think. Pi3B would be as low as I recommend. I think it might help for other to know if you are more interested in speed or quality as that may sway opinions and options.

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Thank you very much for responding, sorry for the delay, I also had the doubt about cooling the Pi Zero 2 precisely because it goes quite high. I will then look into a Raspberry Pi 3B+, I saw some used ones at a somewhat decent price around 40 euros. I will also take a look at what you mentioned about the “Wobblex, BTT Eddy, E3D Revo Voron or an Orbiter 3.0”. I lack information to compare right now and say something. Regarding what I’m looking for, it’s more quality than speed, since I see the bed as an insurmountable obstacle to obtain speed, and I don’t have the budget to convert it to a Voron or a CoreXY. By converting it to CoreXZ, I recycle almost everything from other projects that I have already disassembled, and thus leave it to do things calmly, large and with quality, and also to experiment with it and learn how Klipper and its ecosystem work. Thank you again for responding and greetings.