[FR] Manual_Stepper able to track with Z-position

Hello, I have a custom delta printer setup and I would like to upgrade my extruder to a flying extruder setup. I have seen some setups but they rely on the arm motors to hold up the extruder still. I would like to avoid that and not add more mass to move around. I would like to be able to use another stepper motor to lift and lower an extruder close to the effector. I know that Klipper has a “MANUAL_STEPPER” option but I don’t think it has the commands needed for the stepper to track the Z-position and track it.

For example while printing the ringing_tower, you are able to tell Klipper to adjust acceleration a certain amount for every 5mm of z position move. Would it be possible to have this manual_stepper do the same and just move up 1mm for every 1mm change in z-position? This would help solve a lot of problems in the delta printer community I would think. Any help with this would really be appreciated.