Full changelist of Klipper revisions


Klipper is updated frequently, several times a month frequently… I would like to know if there is a list of changes to estimate if I am interested in updating the firmware, or not…

Since I have an Octopus Pro that can only be updated by micro Sd, and every time I fear that updating is quite laborious, since I have to disassemble part of the printer to access the card. .

Something similar to Canboard Ebb42

You may look here:


and here:

As an alternative, you may refer to the GH commit history: Commits · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub

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Just a recommendation; you might want to look into CanBoot for your Octopus to get away from having to use an SD card for updating.

Don’t let the name fool you; CanBoot has three ways it can update itself and Klipper.

  • via USB
  • via UART
  • via CAN bus

CanBoot by Arksine

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it would be both…

The octopus pro 429…by SD


Is it possible to update the EBB42, connected by CANBUS (Not USB) from Raspberry?



Yes, I have guides for using CanBoot on CAN bus boards, like Octopus, Manta, EBB tool boards.

Using one of these:
-Klipper CAN bus bridge
-RPi CAN bus hats
-U2C (USB to CAN bus)

What is you current CAN bus setup?