GT2560 A+ BLTouch pin is PB5

Just thougt i’d share the BL-touch pins for the A+ board, i spent some educational time reading header files in marlin.

sensor_pin: ^PC7 #this is your z-min endstop
control_pin: PB5 #this is the 3-pin dupont header next to the temperature sensor ports

Obvs not a complete config, but i hope finding PB5 helps someone. Only valid for the a+ board, the original version doesn’t have the header. I don’t know about later revisions. I know it’s a poor choice for klipper, but that’s the board I’ve got.

Schematics here show the header in question: GT2560A/GT2560A+ - Geeetech Wiki

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I’m sure this will help someone. I have been having this problem with the CR10S pro. I just can’t find the pin names any where for the bltouch. I’ve tried looking through the TH3D Marlin header files as I have a CR10S Pro running TH3d successfully with BLTouch, which I didn’t install, but to no avail. I’m trying to run another CR10S Pro with Klipper and Fluidd and this is I think the only thing that is holding me back.