How to get system time in klipper?

I want to get system time in Macros.
I cannot use python’s datetime function in macros.
bellow tried code.

[gcode_macro LOG_DATE]
    {% set now = datetime.datetime.strftime('%Y%m%d%H%M%S')%}
    RESPOND MSG="Current Date is {now}"

Hello @moto-a !

You have to do that via your frontend (Mainsail/Fluidd/OctoPrint).
Klipper has no access to that data.

BTW: Wrong sub forum:


You understood what you read before deleting?

thank you for reply.
I am sorry for posting in the wrong forum.

I am using Mainsail.
What can I use in the Mainsail to get the datetime?
Console Command?

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