Klipper issue when connecting to the printer after installation


I made a fresh new installation of a V-Core printer using the recommended vcoreos on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ connected to a SKR Pro 1.2 which received the RatRig recommended firmware (firmware-btt-skr-pro-12.bin).
I also installed an ADXL345 and I have the following error at the first start of the system:

mcu ‘mcu’: Unknown command: adxl345_end

This type of error is frequently caused by running an older
version of the firmware on the micro-controller (fix by
recompiling and flashing the firmware).

Known versions: host=v0.9.1-621-gdafb74e3, mcu=v0.9.1-758-gf11acd80

I have this issue with or without commenting the include for the ADXL345 file in printer.cfg.
I couldn’t find anything when googling this error that’s why I’m here hoping someone could help.

Should I recompile the firmware as mentioned ? And is this done on the Raspberry ?

Thank you in advance.

Well, the solution was rather easy but I was too stupid to think about it at first: I only had to update everything to the latest version (klipper, v-coreos etc…).

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