Klipper loses connection to MCU after firmware restart

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Creality CR 10 V3
MCU / Printerboard: ATMEGA 2560
klippy (2).log (122.3 KB)


I installed MainSailOS a few times now and I’m getting always the same result:
The MCU is always loosing connection after a firmware restart.

In the next step I did all the steps, that are recommended under: How To Troubleshoot?.

I removed the application Modemmanager before I flashed the motherboard from my Printer.

Then I reduced the Baudrate to 115200 and set the communication interface to UART0 and flashed the mainboard again.

And the MCU is still loosing the connection to the rapberry. Afterwards I made sure, that the serial Port is correct.

If I start my Printer first and afterwards the raspberry the connection is stable and does not crash while i’m printing.

I even set the max. current from my USB-Connection to 0V (I read, that this could be the Problem).

But I’m still getting the output from the command dmesg like it is shown in the How-To-Troubleshoot directions as the negativ example.

Unfortunately I’m relativly new in the Klipper scene and I dont now how to solve my problems.

I hope one of you guys can help me with my problems.

Thank you in advance.

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