Klipper servo jitter

Greetings! I am running klipper with mainsailos. Recently, I made my rPi a secondary mcu and ran a servo on it. This is a sg90 9g Angular Servo. For some reason, it cannot stop jittering. Any suggestions?
This is my servo declared in printer.cfg.

[servo my_servo]
pin: rpi:gpio17 # 11 pin
#   PWM output pin controlling the servo. This parameter must be
#   provided.
maximum_servo_angle: 180
#   The maximum angle (in degrees) that this servo can be set to. The
#   default is 180 degrees.
minimum_pulse_width: 0.0005
#   The minimum pulse width time (in seconds). This should correspond
#   with an angle of 0 degrees. The default is 0.001 seconds.
maximum_pulse_width: 0.0024
#   The maximum pulse width time (in seconds). This should correspond
#   with an angle of maximum_servo_angle. The default is 0.002
#   seconds.
#   Initial angle (in degrees) to set the servo to. The default is to
#   not send any signal at startup.

Some servos allow the signal to be disabled after the move completes. Using that feature may reduce jitter. You can do this with something like SET_SERVO SERVO=my_servo ANGLE=100, G4 P1000, and SET_SERVO SERVO=my_servo WIDTH=0 on each angle change.

Unfortunately, if the servo doesn’t support disabling of the signal, then you may not be able to use the “linux as mcu” system for the servo. It may still be possible to control the servo from a real micro-controller though.