"klippy disconnect" as soon as print finishes no error message

Basic Information:

Printer Model: ender3v2
MCU / Printerboard:btt mini e3 v3
klippy (6).log (1001.8 KB)
moonraker (1).log (57.8 KB)

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Describe your issue:

… im a new user to klipper and have got a bit stuck after making some modifications adding a enclosure heater, i can start and run a print just fine and it works and completes the print but as soon as it finishes it just kills klipper and turns off the power relay , it doesnt run the end_print macro it just dies and sticks the nozzle in the print
ive since uncommented everything ive added to do with the enclosure heater and it still does the same thing
ive had a read through the logs but the honest truth is i havnt a clue what im actually looking it
it used to work and finish the print,present the print,cool everything off then auto shut off the power relay

please help as im well out my depth here

Not 100% sure, but it looks like Moonraker is shutting down Klipper due to the [power printer] settings.

Oh that’s very odd as that part of it worked fine before
Il uncomment all of it see if it still does it and if it doesn’t il try and narrow it down
So nothing else jumps out as being obviously wrong to you then

Thanks for having a look

Thank you for your help it’s all sorted now
I think when I was fitting the enclosure heater code I must have messed up and printer.cfg must have resorted to a backup or something
Problem is that clashed with one of the end_print macros causing it to to shutdown

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