M73 functionality

Hello, I was using the following macro to update the progress bar and the remaining time using the M73 gcode fromSuperslicer, which is quite accurate. It was working well until yesterday. Now, it still updates the progress bar but it does not update the time. What could have changed? Thanks!

[gcode_macro M73]
rename_existing: M990073
M990073 P{ params.P|int}
M117 { “%02d:%02d” % (params.R|int // 60, (params.R|int) % 60) } remaining

Clearly, people don’t have this issue or don’t think it’s an important problem. I wonder what are you using to get accurate estimates of time left?

For some reason
M117 Remaining: { “%02d:%02d” % (params.R|int // 60, (params.R|int) % 60) }
works, but
M117 { “%02d:%02d” % (params.R|int // 60, (params.R|int) % 60) } remaining
does not.

Something changed in one of the Klipper updates.

Seems like it could be related to this: Incorrect parsing of M117, M118 commands when message starts with a digit · Issue #5008 · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub