Move of main Klipper github repository

Later this week we are planning to move the main github Klipper repository. The plan is to move it from to .

The main reason to do this is to utilize a “GitHub for organizations” account for the repository. This should allow us to use more fine-grained permissions for the repository which should allow more members of the core Klipper team to help directly maintain the repository in the future.

It should also allow an improved separation between my personal work (typically done on “work” branches) and the main repository.

I’ve not used the github repository movement tools before, but the documentation seems to indicate the move should be mostly seamless. References to the old repository should be redirected to the new repository after the move.

We are still planning to go forward with the Klipper v0.10.0 at the end of this month. If there are issues with the repo move, though, it may delay that release.



The repo has now been moved. The new location is: GitHub - Klipper3d/klipper: Klipper is a 3d-printer firmware