Upcoming v0.10.0 Release

I plan to make a new release of Klipper in the coming weeks. The rough plan is to target a release at the end of September (20210928).

In the coming week, I’ll be looking to merge github Pull Requests (PRs) that are ready. After that, I plan to transition to a “feature freeze” mode where the focus will be on bugfixes and documentation updates.

After the release there are a couple of immediate goals:

  1. Transition to Python3 for new installations of Klipper. The goal will be to see if we can run Klipper on both Python2 and Python3 through 2022. However, after converting new installations to Python3, the use of Python2 will be considered deprecated. The rough goal is to switch new installations to Python3 around mid-October (20211019).
  2. Removal of past deprecated options. The step_distance, pin_map, and several other options have been deprecated in Klipper for several months. After the release I’ll look to remove support for those options in Klipper.

If anyone has any bug fixes that they would like to see fixed prior to the release, now would be a good time to submit a PR for them.




I just want to report that I’ve been running Klipper with Python3 since January, using a rebased version of your Python3 branch. So far it’s running well on my setup.

I think Doridian and The-Monkey-King had similar experiences.

If you want, I could clean up my fixes and do a PR to the Python3 branch. Your current Python3 patch set will need some minor edits while rebasing on top of upstream.

Thank you for the hard work toward that release! :tada:


Thanks. Around mid-September I’ll be looking to grab all the latest Python3 changes so that they’re ready for a merge in early October. So, it would be great if you could help with that, but we’re still a couple of weeks away.




Can we expect to have support for Duet 3D 6HC cards (based on Armv7E-M) ?

I’ m trying this python3 klipper release and seems to work well!

thank you for your work
will the clone and mirror mode on idex be there?
i really miss him