Ubuntu 20.04, Python3 and more

I want to experiment with Klipper and I had a Monoprice Mini Delta going unused. So I thought I would give it a try. However I am not going the easy route. I happened to have on hand an Odroid XU4 and I installed Ubuntu 20.04 server on it.

My first hurdle was to install Octo and that was interesting since 20.04 defaults to python3 only support. However I found good news that Octo has just switched to python3 moving forward. I pulled the latest code and it seems to work just fine.

Next I pulled the Klipper repo and found the python3 branch. I merged with the latest from master and made a few fixes and was able to build the firmware and run with Octo.

I could create a few pull requests if you are going to consider moving to python3 soon.

I might also be able to help put together the configuration and scripts necessary to build a Debian package. That would make it easier for people to install and update Klipper on most Debian based platforms. Would you be interested?

Iā€™m running Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS on a RPi3 with Octoprint and Klipper master branch. The install scripts take care of the correct Python via virtualenv.

So, from the end-user perspective, all is working as detailed in the given documentation. Using the python3 branch is not mandatory.

As far as I understood the python3 discussion, it offers some challenges and is in fact currently slower than python2.

If you have Python3 fixes, feel free to submit them as github Pull Requests against the work-python3-20200612 branch ( https://github.com/KevinOConnor/klipper/pull/3278 ). This is no current timeframe for converting Klipper to Python3.


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