New filament motion sensor, what is best way of testing it?

I got a “BT Smart Filament Sensor”, to help detect jams and out of filament issues. I have it connected to an input on my rpi host. Everything seems happy, but can’t tell if it is actually working. Is there a counter I can query or such. I know that it is supposed to send a pulse every 5mm or so of filament, so how can I verify?


Why don’t you just start a benchy, and cut the filament right above the extruder? This should test the runout feature. And for the jam feature, pull the filament so it is out of the extruder gears, but still registered in the filament sensor, then start the benchy again. since the filament should be moving, but it is not, and it is loaded in the sensor, the sensor should detect that.

Hope this helps!

So it did turn out that my signal wire wasn’t good. In order to test it, I took out bowden tube, and extruded filament to verify that it shows good in sensor, and removed filament and verified that.