No adxl345 measurements found, SPI packages are 9 bytes long

Hello everybody,
I have very weird issue with adxl345 on orange pi zero.
I connected a logic analyzer and at first it looks normal:
The chip ID is correct.
write to the registers and then read from them.
It looks like the chip is working and the klipper is getting confirmation of this
but then orange pi starts sending packets that are 72 bits long.

So it looks like:

  • spi works
  • adxl345 chip works
  • connection is right
  • cable is good enough

I would be very appreciative if you help me to solve this problem

captured file for “saleae logic 2” is attached (234.1 KB)

klippy.log (993.7 KB)

Maybe this helps: Setting up ADXL345 on orange pi lite 2 - #6 by No_Understanding

Thank you for your reply!
No, I’ve seen this thread, but according to it, I’m doing everything right.