Octopus Pro MCU - H723 @ 550 MHz?

i readed everywhere that both version of the Octopus Pro v1.0 support Klipper :

F446 @180 MHz/512kb – support Klipper
F429 @168 MHz/1Mb – support Klipper + RRF

Considering the small difference in price i’m considering to take the F429 which seems to be more versatile but:

  • Are there possibile issue / more complex procedure to configure Klipper on F429 respect to F446?
  • F429 has a lower frequency, is that worse for Klipper or has no influence at all considering that there’s a Pi4?

For last i see on the BIQU page another (new?) version H723 (STM32H723ZE) with 550 MHz/512kb which is reported as “Best choice for Klipper with high speed printing, etc”

What about this? I can’t found other information

Manay thanks

The SKR3/3 EZ will be the fastest for Klipper; there is an update in the works to take advantage of a feature in the STM32H743 that will make it the current BTT Klipper speed champion.

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Thank you, i see SKR3 EZ, talking about the MCU that board has the same of the Octopus Pro i mentioned before so i figure that Octopus will be at the same level in terms of speed capability but, again, the point is that i don’t understand if i can use an SKR3EZ or an Octopus Pro with this MCU now “out of the box” using the same published procedute for the F446 OR instead is not yet usable and i need to wait some further implementation or i need more complex procedure to make it work.
I would like to take a good board but i don’t want additional configuration problem respect to what i have to do with a F446.

About the SKR3 has not the same number of driver and I/O so what’re the other improvement? maybe the EZ driver? About them i think that are cool but external TMC5160 HV from Mellow will be better considering the big capacitors, mosfet,better cooling etc, i’m wrong?

The SKR3 doesn’t support HV drivers, but the SKR3 EZ does support HV drivers.

Sorry, i was editing my previous reply while you responded…Ok so, also Octopus Pro support HV drivers TMC5160 Pro as SKR EZ do. HV drivers are not supported only on Octopus V1.

Octopus Pro has also more I/O than SKR, i’m not able to use 1 SKR EZ for a Voron so need 2 board…i caan do it? may be but, what’s the advantage?

I never considered to buy an SKR EZ, i’m trying to follow your tips but i’m still not understand the benefits of using (at this point 2 board) SKR EZ over an Octopus Pro, and i still not understanding the solution to the problem i asked for =D.

Many thanks

The Octopus V1 doesn’t support HV drivers; the Octopus Pro does support HV drivers.

The Octopus boards have the STM32F ARM processors.

The SKR3 & SKR3 EZ are the only BTT boards with the STM32H ARM; the SKR3 boards are the fastest ARM processors on BTT mainboards.

Yes i know the Octopus boards usually have an STM32F ARM processor, with this topic i was asking for the new version, faster than SKR as described:

-Otcopus Pro V1 H723 STM32H723ZE → 550 MHz → “best choice for Klipper high.speed printing”

-SKR → STM32H743VIT6 → 480MHz

If there other factors to be considered over the CPU clock, well…may be they said something wrong

Due to some constraints in the current code Klipper does not support more than 400 Mhz. Only @koconnor can tell if and when this might change

Ok, out of the loop that there is now a Octopus Pro H723 version.

With respect to processing speed, all of those chips are “insanely fast”. You shouldn’t have any realistic speed limitations with any of them. I’d choose the board based on the hardware features that you want (eg, number of stepper drivers, number of fans, voltage range, etc.).

More info on performance can be found in the benchmarks - Features - Klipper documentation .

Note that the stm32h723 is not yet supported in the mainline Klipper code - there is a PR open for it at stm32: add STM32H723 support by bigtreetech · Pull Request #5892 · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub .



Thank you! Fortunately i asked before buy…i will take the F446!


Now runs Klipper with STM32H723 and with Biqu Hermit crab can ?


I fiddled around a bit
It works for me with this setting

[*] Enable extra low-level configuration options
Micro-controller Architecture = STMicroelectronics STM32
Processor model = STM32H723
Clock Reference = 25 MHz crystal
Bootloader offset = 128 kib bootloader
Communication interface = USB to CAN Bus bridge ( USB on PA11/PA12)
CAN Bus Interface ( Can bus ( PD0/PD1))
CAN bus speed = 500000

klipper Version



Which position do you have your can/usb switch in?

Using the FDCAN connector, I have the switch in the up position (top flush with USB connector metal housing)

Im actually looking into this too one board has less less processing speed but has more memory, and the one qith morw processing speed has less memmory so im struglling to figure out which one to go with i need the extra drivers for 3 z axis, i know the skr3 is like really good but i need the extra driver and i just plan on running tmc2209s

I just have a quick and easy question. Has anyone developed a “frontend” install program for any of the flavors of Klipper? I tried, about 2 years ago, to install Klipper on my btt Octopus Pro v1.0 F429 board but being a Newb to Klipper I just could not get Klipper working. I tried all three versions. I did go by the instructions step by step. But unless you are an expert then if something goes wrong HELL if a Newb can figure out how to fix the issue. In Marlin if something does not compile PlatformIO usually tells you exactly in plain English how to fit the error.

KIAUH basically does this.