Printer keeps shuting down on certain part

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender Switchwire
MCU / Printerboard: BTT skr mini e3v3

Describe your issue:

…As the title says. My printer keeps shutting down on 1 part. I have tried printing it yesterday, and one today. I would guess it would be at the end of the log. I don’t know how to read or understand the “kliipy.log”. Thanks. (1.8 MB)

If this occurs on this certain part, it may helpful when you post this file here too.

I just thought about the fact that I never tried to re-slice it. It is like its telling my printer to shutdown. Here is the STL. And Gcode file.

VatLid.stl (130.7 KB)

VatLid_PLA_1h34m.gcode (621.3 KB)

There are some strange things going on in your log:

  • Constant errors on the neopixels
  • Quite high system load of the host
  • Unusual temperature jumps that eventually lead to Klipper erroring out

Potential solutions:

  • Check for other high resource intensive apps / hardware on your host, e.g. webcam and disable them
  • Verify your thermistor and potentially replace it
  • Check and verify your neopixel stuff. Deactivate it to make sure it is not the culprit
  • Triple check and verify that you indeed built your MCU firmware with the correct parameters

So is it the unusual temperature jumps that kill that print job? None of the other prints failed. I can check the temp wiring, but a fairly new one. Also have noticed that the heater always show 100% on or off. There is no in between like the bed shows. I can work on the other stuff. My host does idle at about 43c. So I am sure there must be other stuff running that should not be. I do have the one webcam, and quite a lot of neopixels. Here is a quick video of temperature. And another klippy.log that should just be the vatlid.stl. (549.8 KB)

Recording 2024-03-29 (4.7 MB)


Klipper logs temperature every second and jumps like in the screenshot are not possible within one second.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide any more guidance than the above.

Probably not your issue given all of the other things that raise red flags; but if your slicer doesnt have its bed size parameters set right, and it directs your printer to print outside the physical limits of your nozzle-reachable bed area… klipper will cancel the print as soon as it tries send the nozzle outside its limits.

Very good call! I just had this happen on another printer as well. But I got it figured out. In the extruder section I had max temp set to 250. So with those crazy temperature swings, that’s what killed it. Still trying to figure out the Temperature swings. I replaced both heater and thermistor. Checked Temp probe wire and connectors. I am thinking I have a bad board, since it has been doing those swings since the begining.

Issue solved. I discovered that one of the thermistor wires was not hooked up to the printer board. It would still read but erratic. So with both wires now attached the issue is solved.