Printer shutting down after heating

Basic Information:

Printer Model: CR-10S
MCU / Printerboard: Default one

Printer Model:
MCU / Printerboard:

So i recently wanted to revive an old 3d printer. I installed klipper on the 3d printer a year ago, and decided to start reviving it this month. Everything went smoothly until when heating up the extruder. Its incredibly slow, and always ends up in an error.

So far i have tried
Replacing thermistor+cartiage
Checking if fan is blowing on the hotend
Put preinstalled pid tuning setting (from another printer)
Checked if the voltage is stable (it is 12v stable)
Also tried increasing the voltage thingy, and the result is still the same.

Im quite a newbie to klipper, so any help is much apprectiated.

klippy(1).log (5.5 MB)

What’s the use of a new thread on the same topic?

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because no one answered me duh

You need to be patient. Supporters can’t do 24/7. They have to work and to sleep, have family etc.