[Proposal] Forbidden velocities for printer steppers

Yeah, a while ago I tried that. My experience was so-so: on the stepper motors I have tested this with, having an ability to program 1/4 of a sine wave (1 full step) was not sufficient. Meaning that deviations from the perfect sine wave were not 1/4-sine-wave-symmetrical, and one would have to define 1/2 or even the full sine wave correction (2 or 4 full steps) to achieve satisfactory results. I suspect this was due to some imbalances between stepper magnetic poles. What’s worse, the required corrections seem to be velocity- and direction-dependent. So, I didn’t manage to achieve good results with TMC sine wave table. FWIW, I was using accelerometer data to ‘tune’ the sine wave table, and not the procedure suggested by TMC (with mirror, laser, and distant wall, which would be difficult for me to implement).