Seperate speed/acceleration for coreXY printers

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Voron 2.4
MCU / Printerboard: OrangePi 4LTS/Octopus

Describe your issue:

With CoreXY machines the Y axis has a much larger mass than the X, limiting the overall speeds that could be achieved. If Klipper had these settings separate for X,Y and Z, the user could tune each axis for maximum performance. Hopefully, resulting in shorter print times.

Hello @Keshka !

With Cartesian printers it would be possible, but not with Core XY because these have a combined motion system.

BTW: The time saving would be marginal.

This has been discussed many times going back many years, and at least 2 pull requests have been submitted to add separate X and Y acceleration control. They have not been merged, and in reading the comments from developers on those pull requests it seem unlikely that this will ever be merged.

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I made a CoreXY kinematic module that support this: Independant acceleration limits for X and Y axes