Prusa MK2s config with Prusa-like menu (LCD)

I prepared a klipper config for the Prusa MK2s with an LCD interface similar to the Original Prusa Firmware (the original klipper LCD menu is terrible).

The configuration has been split into different files to keep it clean and readable (main printer.cfg, mk2s harware folder, custom menu and macro folder).

Most features are included (M600, M601, M300, Mesh Bed Leveling…, Remainig Time), Linear Advance has ben replaced with klipper Pressure Advance and will require tuning probably…).

The main missing feature is the XYZ Calibration, which is non trivial to implement.

Please let me know your thoughts

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General cleanup and Optional Features (added 09/09/2022):

to be enabled by uncommenting (deleting the #) in the file printer.cfg

  • #[include config/custom/menu_autoload.cfg] → creates autoload/unload filament entries in the Preheat menu (macro to automatically heat to a certain temperature, load/unload the filament, then cooldown)
  • #[include config/custom/macro_cold_pull.cfg] → creates automatical Coldpull entry in the Preheat Menu (preheat to selectable temperature [default 85°C for PLA], then automatically coldpull using the motor, no hand pull required, it works very well for PLA at 85 °C, beep at the end to alert the user [remember to pull the lever on the extruder to extract the filament after the automatic coldpull])
  • #[include config/custom/filament_diameter.cfg] → enable the “correct filament diameter” feature in the Tune menu, to change the filament diameter during printing, use the

M404 W{filament_diameter[0]};

command in the start GCODE to let Klipper know the filament diameter initially used in the slicer, then you can change the filament diameter on the flight while printing (for example if you use a different spool of filament)

  • #[include config/custom/accelerometer.cfg] → config for Raspberry Pi with adxl345 accelerometer for resonance testing (input shaper calibration)
  • added First Layer Calibration to the Calibration Menu (enabled by default)