XYZPrinting Davinci 1.0a Klipper configs

Hey folks, new Klipper user here, trying to build a config for my XYZprinting davinci 1.0a, it’s a cheap chinese printer, and found very little in regards to specs. (26.3 KB)

I’ve managed to come across a pinout excel sheet I’ve been working on, though the moment I send a command I get a printer not ready.

So this will be my project for the forseeable future, here’s my config file so far for those interested.
printer.cfg (6.6 KB)

See ya!
The doooop.

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Funny, I picked up this exact model (fairly cheap) recently and was planning to gut the electronics and replace them. It hadn’t occurred to me that it might be possible to run Klipper on the stock board. I’m very curious how you get along with the project.

One thing putting mine on hold (other than working on too many other printers) is that mine seems to be overshooting its endstop points. The end result is when it tries to calibrate, it completely misses the contact points so fails (off by ~5mm+).

What do you mean by misses? as in it reachs an x, y end stop and skips some teeth?

Also, just asking what firmware you are currently using?

I’ve not modified it at all yet, stock firmware.
When I try an run the calibration procedure, it will:

  • home
  • heat the nozzle
  • wipe the nozzle in X direction
  • attempt to wipe the nozzle in the Y direction and miss by about 5mm to the outside
  • move to the front-right bed-clamp and attempt to touch it (the auto-calibration works by contacting the metal nozzle to the metal clamp to close the circuit) and miss by about 5mm to the right (same direction as it missed the nozzle wiper)

I’m not sure why it’s doing this. I haven’t torn it down yet, but the opto-interrupter flag does not appear to be damaged at all.