Calibration z offset

Hello i´m new user i need same help
i use fluidd klipper when i use these command $ PROBE_CALIBRATE
// Unknown command:“PROBE_CALIBRATE”

how can i get around the situation ?

Does your config file have a [probe] section defined?

hi , I don’t have the configuration steps in printer.cfg

tank you

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your reply. What sort of printer is it? Can you post your config file?

my ender 3 v1 printer do i have to create a file apart from printer.cfg ?

Sorry, when I said “config file”, I meant the “printer.cfg” file. Can you post that file?

ok i tried to put this configuration [probe]
pin: ^PA7
x_offset: 30
y_offset: 3.0
z_offset: 2.0

samples: 4
speed: 200
samples_tolerance: 1

but then klipper not restart gives me this error pin PA7 used multiple times in config

Once the underlying issue is corrected, use the “RESTART”
command to reload the config and restart the host software.
printer is halted

Please share the klippy.log

hi ok where they are my kipper (238.9 KB)

i olso have leveling sensor