Sharing: I2C multiplexer dummy


I am in need to use klipper for non 3d printer project.
My task consists of controlling 10 heaters with LM75 like temperature sensors. Since LM75 has no enough available addresses I decided to use I2C multiplexers PCA9545A.

I did some patching in order to get things to work:

  1. Simple PCA9545A support patch.
  2. LM75 driver modification so it loads PCA9545A object and routes the i2c channel before every temperature reading. MUX i2c channel can be set in the printer.cfg file as well.

I am attaching my sources. (3.7 KB)

I know that this is not the most elegant way to do the job, but I was in need to do something fast and this is my first time dealing with klipper sources. It is also not fully tested and needs some error handling to be added.

Still if someone needs an I2C multiplexer my dummy patches may be in help.