Sovol SV06 - GD32F103RET6

Hello all,
has anyone by chance already looked at the Sovol SV06 regarding Klipper?
I tried to, also got kind of connection, but I´m struggling with the TMC2209.
So for me it is first time that I´m trying to setup Klipper without having any example printer.cfg and without having pin description.
So what I tried so far was to just use them from Marlin Pin file - is that a correct way? Or may I need a pin-mapping of that board?

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It’s not hard to set up a printer.cfg for a new file. Yes, you can use the Marlin pin file although I prefer to use the pin map diagram that is available for the board that is generated as part of the schematic.

I think I have found the Marlin files for the SV06 ( with the board being defined as a “BOARD SOVOL V131” with the pins being defined in (pins_SOVOL_V131.h).

Looking at the information listed in the GitHub repository, I think that has sufficient information for your printer.cfg and generating your klipper firmware file. I’m surprised they created their own PCB (although this may be somebody else’s that is just renamed for Sovol) and I’m not sure how using the same pin for enabling all the steppers will work in Klipper.

Good luck and let us know how things work out for you.

Just to let you know, while working on the config one guy was faster - here the repo link: GitHub - spinixguy/Sovol-SV06-firmware

Hi there,

The serial id I’m getting seems like a very generic one and doesn’t connect to the mcu.

Were you able to connect?

Hey :wave:
I just took the binary from that repo.
Everything is working like a charm for me.

@mutlubasdas @Chrizzo Does the hotend_fan turn off for you? Mine keeps on going.

Anyone know the pin name for the hotend fan?