First klipper config... board not listed

Board : Flashforge CoreBoard (all Rev.)
MCU : STM32F407xxxx (4 lasts letters and numbers, are just Package, Ram and Flash Size)
Printers using all same board: Dreamer, Dreamer NX, Inventor, Dremel 3D20…
Bootloader 64k @ 0x08000000
Firmware @ 0x08010000

I got all the working settings we have done in marlin… So all pinout, all timers/clock , all I2C and SPI devices address and etc… the boards uses Thermocouple K-type read using a differential 16 bits ADC converter ASD1118 on SPI…

I have already modified the Klipper Firmware Confguration that comes up when we type make menuconfig in the file Kconfig to add the proper offset for the bootloader (64k) that was not available for STM32F407, (with all the values related to it like STM32_FLASH_START_10000… etc with the external HSE 8Mhz crystal and verified that the clock config is done properly…

I will get crazy !!! because I do not know klipper, and don`t know where to look for everything…

But I got all the working MCU config, all pins, all from my Marlin and Druid firmware config…

Someone help me… I am running in circle…

Thanks in advance… Daniel

the zip files contains
all pinout
system clock config
ADS1118 converter .h and .cpp

STM32F407ZG 168Mhz 192KB ram / 1MB flash
Bootloader at 0x08000000
Firmware at 0x08010000

all needed (5.4 KB)

and most important part of the schematic diagram:

Support for the ads1118 is in my repo for the Makerbot Replicator2(x). I don’t see any reason you can’t grab two files and use it as is for that board: src/ads1118.c klippy/extras/spi_ads1118.c.

I worked on this a lot last night and you might want to grab from branch ads1118_support.

Does this printer have two hotends or just one?

Please let me know if you use it and if you run into any issues or problems.

Thanks for your fast response… to answer your question about hotend… some have 1 hotend, and some have 2… (just a stepper driver and a mosfet missing) but pinout is always the same… So I’m doing it for the community, there is a lot of 3d printers powered by this board: Flashforge coreboard… (and after looking at your work on the mightyboard… ) if you looked at the partial schematic diagram I have sent you, you will find similarities between the 2 boards, simple because Flashforge have designed their board from the mightyboard.

Just to let you know:
​​​​but to upload the firmware using the Flashforge bootloader, the final firmware “.bin” must be encrypted with a private key, encryption, that will be decrypted while the bootloader flashed the new firmware to MCU, so better to bypass the Flashforge bootloader, using DFU on usb or ST_link V2 debugger connected to SWDIO (JTAG).

The main problem is easy, I never configured any controller board with Klipper. At least if I had a positive experience with an already known board, it would be easier to try to adapt klipper to this board.

Also the stepper driver are the old pololu a4988, except that the potentiometer has been replaced by a I2C digipot to control stepper max current… (exactly like mightyboard)

I’m not a newbie in the field… look at
I have written my own firmware since almost 2 years… (so I have all the code to make all hardware works, and you have the experience with Klipper)
Maybe we can make a giant leap working together on both projects… (mightyboard and FF coreboard+driverboard)

First … is there an integrated development environment (IDE) (like VS code) I can use to edit Klipper,
and Linux is not an area I have a lot of experience…
just need someone to direct me in the right direction, then I will be on my way to the moon on a rocket !!!

Sorry my english sometimes is a bit strange, I am French crazy monkey from Montreal !

let me know if we can do something to help each other…

Daniel Massicotte

You might want to check run-time-stepper-motor-current-configuration

The respective code is in klipper/klippy/extras at master · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub → mcp4xxx

Not really an issue. If you know the pin numbers and their function then just follow one of the examples here: klipper/config at master · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub

Generally a good starting point is the developer-documentation
Otherwise it probably makes sense to ask very specific questions if you expect a developer to answer

If you are able to flash it I suggest using my repo as it supports all of the hardware you will need. Take the sample makerbot printer.cfg file and change the pin mappings to your board, build the firmware and flash the mcu.

If you are able to get this working I can add your printer.cfg and flashing instructions to my fork.

Yes you are a source of very good information and solutions… The STM32F407 board was just a test to see what can be done and in how long, So we have moved to the real part of our project… that you can read a bit about right there…