Support for new Creality boards 4.2.2 with GD32F303

Hello, I would like to ask about compatiblity with these new boards, there does not seem to be option to select STM32F303 in makeconfig and building for F103 does not seem to work (host cannot connect).

I have this board in Sovol SV01 Pro

This is how new board looks like

Is there any config that currently exists and can work?


That chip is not currently supported by Klipper. No idea if someone is working on adding support, but for now it won’t work.

Well if it isn’t supported, make one i guess:

Long story short, i wrote support for F3 to klipper, could use some help as there were registers that either did not exist in F3 series or naming was totally off. Any chance to get support for this?

How is the progress coming on this?

It works out of the box, turns out no changes were necessary.

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Hi, I am a noob in this. can you please tell me how to use this?
i have a GD 32F 303 RET6 AUH AJ2148 GigaDevice and its a ender 3 v2.

Follow the directions at the top of klipper/printer-creality-ender3-v2-2020.cfg at master · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub . In practice, the gd32 chip works the same as the stm32f103.