Stallguard for safety at homing


I use for homing a BLtouch for Z and switches for X/Y.
There is a possibility to activate the stallguard (TCM2209) for additional safety if the switches or the BLtouch do not work reliably?

Not possible…there can only be one (endstop)

Feature request? I am only just getting into Klipper.
Where can I find the necessary data? But I have a problem. Time :wink:

This would have to be answered by a developer but I guess time is a constraint we all suffer from.

Generally speaking I’m not sure how big the benefit is:

  • So far all head crashes were a direct consequence to my own stupidity
  • Especially lead-screw driven printer will not profit because the forces exerted by lead-screws and their slow movement will have lead to serious damage before stall-guard kicks in
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