Sudden MCU Shutdown During Print

Where I agree with @mykepredko is that Linux Desktop distribution tend to install a lot of unneeded stuff, e.g. Modem Manager and BRLtty etc. and a few memory and CPU hogs.
Might be worth a try throwing a server edition on your Laptop if you anyway use it exclusively for Klipper.

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Just an FYI: I have an “un-dirty” Klipper now, so that shouldn’t be it.

That sounds like solid advice. Which server distro would you say is better for running Klipper: Debian or Ubuntu?

I’ve got multiple logs now, all with multiple variations of errors. I hope you don’t mind me uploading all of them, hehe… Also uploaded the plotted graphs. If I understood your troubleshooting thread correctly, could the MCU frequency graph indicate a problem?

Sorry to be such a bother!

Klippy (2.9 MB)

Should not make a difference. Just what you like better.

Your graphs do not indicate that either your board or your host is overloaded, so we can pretty much exclude this from the list.

From the logs:

max_accel: 3000.000000
max_accel_to_decel: 1500.000000
square_corner_velocity: 12.000000
toolhead: max_velocity: 450.000000
max_accel: 6500.000000
max_accel_to_decel: 3250.000000
square_corner_velocity: 12.000000

Seems like your slicer is going a bit aggressive for this type of printer. You might want to revise your settings.

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